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Founded in 1991, the Temiskaming Genealogy Group serves the communities of Latchford, Cobalt, Haileybury, New Liskeard, Elk Lake, Matachewan, Gowganda, Earlton, Englehart, Tomstown, Kirkland Lake, Larder Lake, and Virginiatown Ontario.

A Little History on Temiskaming

The recorded history of the area goes back to the early 1600's when both English and French fur traders were active in the area.
Fort Temiscamingue on Lake Temiskaming was established by the French in 1695. Missionaries and loggers were active on the lake as early as the 1830's, but the first permanent settlement was at the present town of Haileybury in 1885. Several townships were surveyed in 1887, and during the 1890's settler's, most from "Old Ontario" moved into the agriculture areas of the " Little Clay Belt" north of New Liskeard. Settlement was accelerated when the T&NO Railway arrived at Lake Temiskaming in 1904, but the railway also brought with it the discovery of silver at Cobalt, resulting in a mining boom, which in subsequent years spread to Elk Lake (1906), Gowganada and Larder Lake (1907) and in Kirkland Lake in 1911.


Your membership includes 4 issues of the newsletter, The Temiskaming TIME TRAVELLER,
Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month (except July & August). Meetings are held at the New Liskeard Public Library.

To Join : Send your request to;

The Temiskaming Genealogy Group
Box 2535, New Liskeard, Ont., P0J 1P0

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Send to;
The Time Traveller,
25 Algonquin Ave.,
Kirkland Lake Ont. P2N 1CI
Email: timetrav@nt.net

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  • Cemetery M.I.'s of Temiskaming
  • Cemeteries of Black-River Matheson (Cochrane district)
  • Cemetery M.I.'s for Nipissing
  • Cemetery M.I.'s for Iroquois Falls & area


  • Cobalt Daily Nugget Index BMD 1909 - 1925 by Carl Alhusen
  • Northern Daily News Index 1923 to date
  • Temiskaming Speaker Index 1990 to date
  • Temiskaming Speaker Index 1906-1924 (later years at N.L. Library on film)
  • Temiskaming Herald 1905-1912
  • The Haileyburian 1906 - 1961 (incomplete collection many papers missing)

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  • St. Hilarion's Roman Catholic Register BMD Index, Cobalt 1906- 1910
  • Zion Lutheran Church Wawbewawa
  • St. Paul's Anglican BMD Index, Haileybury
  • St. Andrew's Presbyterian BMD Index, New Liskeard 1899-1942
  • Catholic Marriage Repertoires of Diocese of Timmins 1905-1980
  • St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church BMD, Kirkland Lake 1937 - 1997
  • St. Peter's Anglican, Kirkland Lake BMD 1933 - 1998
  • Trinity United Church BMD, Kirkland Lake 1920 - 1995
  • Rural United Churches BMD - Milberta, Elk Lake, Thornloe, Uno Park, Sutton
  • Bay, Hanbury, Harris Twp., & Earlton 1909 - 1968

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  • Ontario Vital Statistics - Births 1869 - 1914
  • Ontario Vital Statistics - Marriages 1873 – 1929
  • Ontario Vital Statistics - Marriages 1869 - 1872
  • Ontario Vital Statistics - Deaths 1869 - 1939
  • Ontario Vital Statistics - Deaths Certificates for Temiskaming 1922 & 1918
  • Latchford BMD 1908-1928
  • County Marriage Registers Index for Ontario 1859 - 1869
  • Deaths in Ontario Mines 1892 - 1994
  • Deaths in the Mines of the Kirkland Lake Camp - "Lamps Forever Lit" B. Jaworsky
  • 1901 Census for Temiskaming - Index

§         Deaths in Temiskaming 1898-1910
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  • 1928 Directory - Northern Ontario
  • 1935 Directory for Kirkland Lake
  • Charlie's Hotel Register (Kirkland Lake) Dec. 1931-July 1932
  • 1871 Census Index Books for Ontario
  • 1901 Census Index for Nipissing & Temiskaming
  • Mrs. Maddock's Maternity Home, New Liskeard
  • Assorted books on the history of the South end of Temiskaming

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To have these sources searched contact one of the volunteers below. There is no charge for members and a small donation is requested from non-members per query.
NOTE: Please do not contact more than one of these researchers with the same query.

Kirkland Lake - Cathy Blackburn - timetrav@nt.net

New Liskeard - Linda Nelson - nelsons@personainternet.com

Native Resources - Iris Wabie - Iwabie@ntl.sympatico.ca

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