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Northeastern Ontario Canada.

Snowmobile Advisory: Due to the lack of snow in our area (roughly 10 to 20cm ((6" to 8")) on the ground as of February 19th, 2007) I do not recommend that you snowmobile in this area this season. According to the weather network we are below the normal temperatures and no sufficient snow is expected in our area for at least another week.

At this time I would also like to voice my concerns with the Ontario Provincial Police and the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (O.F.S.C.) TV Advertizement for snowmobiling in Ontario.

I am getting older and perhaps my hearing is going bad as well as my eyes but to date and as far as I can remember, I have never seen or heard on the TV Ad, that there are exceptions to snowmobiling in Ontario, by not paying for a trail permit.

If you visit the OFSC site, you should check out their Snowmobiling in Ontario and the Law page. You should notice that they put in big bold letters that Permits Are Mandatory In Ontario and that An Ontario Trail Permit is required to travel on Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) Prescribed Trails. But look at the STOP graphic and notice the asterisk at the end of the sentence: It is the Law in Ontario for recreational sleds*. Then check out the fine print at the bottom of the graphic. *Exceptions or partial exceptions for specific user groups.

Please Note: I am not a lawyer so "Please" read the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act, ONTARIO REGULATION 185/01 Trail Permits as the listed Exemptions of this act, may apply to you. You should also read the Road Access Act R.S.O. 1990, Chapter R.34 as this may also apply to you. However, if it is your intent to actually use the OFSC trails for snowmobiling purposes, I would "STRONGLY" suggest that you purchase a permit.

The Kirkland Lake township map below shows the main business sector, food and accommodations, gas, streets and the snowmobile trails in and around Kirkland Lake, which is maintained by the Golden Corridor Snowdrifters snowmobiling club (GCSD). Located 40km from Virginiatown northeastern Ontario, 80km From Rouyn-Noranda, northwestern Quebec and 250km from North Bay, northern Ontario. Linking east to the Larder / McGarry snowmobile club, south to Englehart, southwest to Elk Lake and north to Matheson. The text on the map in Red are interactive links such as the Miner's Inn, Paquette Co. Ltd., Franklin Tavern, Bon Air Motel & Virginiatown.

NEW Lakefront and wilderness properties in northeastern Ontario.

41.6 acres of lakefront property in the Larder Lake area of northeastern Ontario Click Here

22.7 acres of lake front property in the Larder Lake area of northern Ontario Click Here

Hunting and Fishing Property Link: Property has a camp with road access and 132 acres.



For more information view the Northeastern Ontario Real Estate site

New Wilderness Property for hunting and fishing. listed April 09, 2005 use property link below or use the real estate link above.

Hunting and Fishing Property Link: Property has a camp with seasonal road access and 132 acres.



Northeastern Ontario Road Map

This is a very detailed map of northeastern Ontario. It shows all of the hwy's, secondary roads, cities and towns, rivers, lakes, railways, etc. in Northern Ontario.

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The Kirkland Lake map above is printable in Word 97 and Word Perfect by using normal 8 1/2" X 11" paper and opening up to full margin width.

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Bon Air Motor Inn (Kirkland Lake)