Hiking trails

Walking, the activity of a lifetime
- For a few hours or a few days
- With your family or with friends
- For the sight, for the activity, and always for the pleasure

The 28km of cross-country skiing trails are accessible for hiking from spring to late fall. Access to the trails is possible from Hwy 583 North

  • Proulx Road (close to Johnson's Lake)
  • Laflamme Road
  • Main chalet at golf / ski club (main access)
  • Lagoon Road
  • Marina Veilleux

Several rest areas are available along the trails. Approximately half of the trails are on a wood chip base which makes them very easy to walk on (between Johnson’s lake and the Refuge). The other half, is on natural base and offers greater challenges to the users (from the Refuge to the Marina Veilleux). Please refer to the site maps. Additional information is available at the Hearst tourist centre located on Hwy 11.

In order to maintain the hiking trails, donations are welcomed at any of the rest areas.