A man with a dream: Jean Louis Lacelle, an avid skier, originally from Quebec, came to Hearst in 1958, and along with other local citizens hoped to see the day that Hearst would have it's own Cross Country Ski Club. In 1973, 5 kms of trails were blazed and groomed on Rene Brunet's farm, east of Lake St. Therese Road. In 1976, because of the leadership of Marcel Girouard and collaborative efforts of the local lumber companies and special government winter work projects, our club moved to crown land west of the Golf course. Here, more then 40 kms of trails were developed - from the golf club to Pivabiska Lake. The main club house was near the Jean Laflamme farm, and 2 ski shelters - the "Refuge" and the "Relais" were situated along the trails in the heart of our beautiful boreal forest.

In the early 90's, a new partnership was created with the golf club and both organisations invested together to renovate the golf chalet so that it could be in operation year round. For several years, the monthly Sunday morning brunch was a well known community activity. After a decade, both organisations decided to take different directions and the ski club decided to develop a different site on Lagoon Road. This new site, although very simple, provides a key starting point that is very centralized with regard to most of the trails.

Thanks to the dreams of our founders and all the volunteer work, we, today, can enjoy this wonderful sport of X-country skiing.

Board of Directors 2017-2018

President: Serge Alary
Vice-President: Gino Plamondon (705) 372-1690
Secretary: Nicole Rivest (705) 362-8944
Treasurer: Lauren Quist (705) 372-3088
Sylvie Gosselin (705) 362-5434
Diane Vienneau (705) 362-5515
Ghislain Rhéaume (705) 362-5196
Birgit Payeur (705) 372-1690




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