Solar Lighted Trails  

The idea was brought up a few years ago but it seemed at the time to be a bit far fetched. The solar project was brought back to life in the spring of 2009 and was a way to offer a new innovation - evening and night skiing!

Here it is! Starting in December 2009, skiers will be able to enjoy evening and night skiing over a distance of 3km. The lighted trails span between the Chalet and the Refuge and also include Loop 5. Lighting has also been installed in the Chalet and the Refuge.

Lighting systems are installed at 75m intervals. Each system is composed of two LED 8W lights, a battery system that is frost resistant and a 145W solar panel. The lights turn on automatically when the solar panel stops producing energy and will continue for another five hours. In addition, the manual mode will allow the light to be turned on for ski nights and other special events. The work was completed by two local entrepreneurs - Smith Forestry Services (Luc Smith) who supplied and installed the posts and Solar Power Solution (François Blais) for the solar and electrical systems. Map for solar post locations - PDF Format.

The project, valued at almost $300,000, was made possible thanks to the financial support from Recreational Infrastructure Canada Program and the Ontario Recreation in addition to money set aside by the Ski Club over the last few years.

Recreational Infrastructure Canada Program in Ontario
Programme d'Infrastructures de loisirs Canada en Ontario

We would also like to encourage club members, trails users or companies to sponsor 'a solar post' to help the Club finalize the financing of the project.

This solar project is the first renewable energy community project. The project is the reflection of the majority of its members to aim for the preservation of the environment and to promote good health.