Gordon E. Perdue H.S.
Oakville Ontario

Hello, Perdue-ites!

For most of us, it's been a very long 20 or so years since we last met. Life gets busy, there's no doubt! You
moved away from Oakville, got married, started your family. Perhaps you wanted to see some (or all!) of the world after graduation.

Whatever you decided to do with your life, it's unlikely you forgot where you came from. Gordon E. Perdue, like
T.A. Blakelock, Q.E. Park, Oakville Trafalgar, and White Oaks was "a typical high school". But it never felt
typical, did it?

Do you remember when the local newspaper inferred our school was a heavily steeped "drug culture"? Do
you remember picketing outside their offices with signs to show your outrage? We definitely had pride!

The main reason you're reading this is because you carry with you many proud and fond memories of your
school. Perhaps a teacher influenced you greatly during your four or five year stay at Perdue.
Maybe you met your first love in the notorious "Thirteen Hall".

They say you can't go back but we are giving you an opportunity to do just that! For one night only, we ask
you to step back in time and see some of the faces that made you feel a part of something unique and

The Perdue High School Class of 1982 Reunion a great success!!

Pictures and stories to follow, got one send it. Send it to the GEEK

Brenda Chisholm (nee McCraney) b.chisholm@nortelnetworks.com (905-639-4568)
Sian Frost (nee Lewis) sianf@mac.com
Shelley Sharpen Ssharpen@CPCPumps.com.

So lest us not forget the spirit of the old maroon and gray! We can't wait to hear from you!

** You see this page is outdated. Came about during the planning for the reunion. It is the best I have for now. **
What is still good is the yearbook pictures and the comments I have received thus far, but they too are old.

Graduating class 1982 Flashback

The GEEK has only done the graduating class of 1982 'cause he is part of it and he really does not have enough time to do the other two classes. We hope some other geek will do them.

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Flashback 1982.

INFO page is a list of those that have provided additional information. Some even have added email address.

If you want information added email the GEEK

 Class of '82

 It has been pointed out that not just those the graduated grade 13 in 1982 is the class of '82. So this is a list of names that are also part of the class of '82 that are not in the above pages.

The Day They Closed My High School - Part One June 20, 2004 by:Graeme Burk

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