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My Teacher Glows in the Dark

Student Study Guide

Bruce Coville


Answer all questions in sentence form.

Chapter One--I Choose the Stars

  1. Write a short biography on Bruce Coville.
  2. Where are Susan, Duncan and Peter in the first paragraph?
  3. What does Susan want to know?
  4. Who was Broxholm?
  5. Who was Ms. Schwartz?
  6. What did Peter want to do more than anything else in the world?
  7. Why did he help the alien escape?

Enrichment: Do you think there is life on other planets? Defend your position.


Chapter Two--The Cellar Beneath the Cellar

  1. Describe the spaceship.
  2. Why did Peter have a change of mind?
  3. How was Broxholm able to translate English so quickly?

Enrichment: Find an automatic translator on internet.  They really do exist.


Chapter Three--The Naked Stranger

  1. Why did Broxholm continue to speak in English?
  2. Why did Peter not like being disinfected?
  3. What makes Peter fall asleep at the end of the chapter?

Enrichment: What is science fiction?


Chapter Four--Croc Doc

  1. What operation is performed on Peter?
  2. What other surprise does Peter discover about his glasses?

Enrichment: What type of operations do doctors perform to improve our eyesight?


Chapter Five--The Crystal Captain

  1. Describe how the transcendental elevator works.
  2. Why, according to the captain, is the Earth in great danger?
  3. According to Peter, why did he decide to leave the Earth?

Enrichment: What are some of the real threats to our planet?  Discuss with a classmate.


Chapter Six--Hoo-Lan

  1. What is an URAT?
  2. Why does Hoo-Lan think that Peter Thompson should have a new name?
  3. What new name is chosen?

Enrichment: If you had to chose a new name, what would it be? Why?


Chapter Seven--Lunch with Fleef and Gurk

  1. Who is the Earth child?
  2. Why was Peter nervous about being touched?
  3. Why does Fleef tell Krepta to lie down?

Enrichment: Do cultures on our planet have different ideas about touching one another?  Explain.


Chapter Eight--Faster than Light

  1. What is a space shift?
  2. What is meant by a light year?
  3. What shocking news does Krepta receive at the end of the chapter?

Enrichment: Research Albert Einstein. What did he discover about light?


Chapter Nine--Room Service

  1. What is it that Fleef tells Krepta not to take personally?
  2. How do you think you would have felt about the news?
  3. Why did URAT have fifty-three types of bathrooms?

Enrichment: Design a bathroom for an alien.


Chapter Ten--The Alien Council

  1. What surprise encounter did Krepta make when he searched for Broxholm?
  2. Why was the New Jersey such an enormous spaceship according to Peter's research?
  3. Why according to Broxholm might the Earth have to be destroyed?

Enrichment: Research some of the ways that scientists think we may be able to travel at a speed even faster than light. Do you agree with them?


Chapter Eleven--Anthropologists from Space

  1. How does the human brain compare with others in the galaxy?
  2. How did Peter respond when Broxholm asked him what his greatest desire in all the world was?
  3. Describe the scene at the end of the chapter.

Enrichment: Compare the human brain with other mammals on our planet. Do animals automatically have larger brains the larger their body size?


Chapter Twelve--How to Use a URAT

  1. How long did a day last on the spaceship?
  2. What kind of bed did Peter use the first night on the New Jersey?
  3. Why did some people actually starve to death?
  4. What was in Peter's hands at the end of the chapter?

Enrichment: According to scientists what happens to time when we travel at the speed of light and faster than the speed of light?


Chapter Thirteen--Aliens Want My Brain

  1. What did the aliens want to do with Peter's brain?
  2. Describe the difference in time between Earth and the spaceship?
  3. How did Hoo-Lan describe the human race?

Enrichment: How much time would pass on Earth if Peter were to spend 5 years on the spaceship?


Chapter Fourteen--Dissected

  1. Why didn't Peter like to talk about Susan?
  2. How was brain surgery on the spaceship different from Earth?
  3. How were the people on Earth reacting to Peter's disappearance?

Enrichment: Find out the latest about present day neurosurgery.


Chapter Fifteen--Brains in a Bottle

  1. Whose brain was inside the container?
  2. Describe the plant that the captain sent to Krepta?
  3. Who was Murgatroyd?

Enrichment: Describe some plants that you might expect to find on another planet?


Chapter Sixteen--Duncan

  1. What happens when Peter puts on his helmet?
  2. According to Peter, why was Duncan such a beast?
  3. Why does Hoo-Lan caution Peter to be quiet when they are on the island?
  4. Describe their "chariot".

Enrichment: Describe some methods of getting along with people you don't really like.


Chapter Seventeen--Rhoomba Ride, Hoo-Lan's Home

  1. Describe what it's like to walk on a tongue.
  2. Where did the creature transport them?
  3. What struck Peter as odd about the city?

Enrichment: What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in either a city or town? Make a list and then decide where the best place to live would be.


Chapter Eighteen--Contact

  1. What is telepathy?
  2. What is a hyper-space transmitter?
  3. Who was Kreeblim?
  4. What message does Peter give to Duncan?

Enrichment: Do you believe in telepathy? Do some research on either telepathy or hypnotism.


Chapter Nineteen--The Fading Glow

  1. What was happening to Hoo-Lan?
  2. What did the beam of blue light do?
  3. What did Croc Doc tell Peter?
  4. What did one of the aliens tell Peter was the true problem on Earth?

Enrichment: What do you think is the most serious threat we face on Earth today? How would you attempt to solve the problem?


Chapter Twenty--Hoo-Lan's Wish

  1. Who was going up the attic stairs?
  2. Who grabs Peter from the back?
  3. What happens when Peter runs at the aliens?
  4. What was Hoo-Lan's last request?

Enrichment: Do you think you would sacrifice your life to save another planet? Explain.


Chapter Twenty-One--Home to Home

  1. Who was travelling back to Earth with Peter?
  2. What was the funniest thing Peter ever saw in his life?
  3. What was the most beautiful thing Peter had ever seen in his life?
  4. Describe the ending of the novel.

Enrichment: What is the funniest thing you have ever seen in your life? What or whom is the most beautiful?

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