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A Question of Loyalty

Student Study Guide 

Barbara Greenwood

ISBN- 0-590-71450-3


All answers must be in sentence form.

*Note—Any page numbers quoted are from the Scholastic paperback version 1984

Chapter 1—Pursued

  1. Draw a map of Southern Ontario and mark on the following locations: Toronto, Dundas, Burlington, Queenston, Lake Ontario and the Niagara River.
  2. In a brief paragraph describe Dan's situation at the beginning of the story.
  3. Who is telling the story?
  4. Why is Dan so anxious to get to Queenston? (page 10)
  5. Why was the boy at the bridge be so anxious to capture Dan?

Vocabulary: haze, twitches, contractions, receded, hobble, furtive, dragoons, grapeshot, shakos, carbines, skittish, pursuit.

Enrichment: Write a brief description of the Upper Canada Rebellion.


Chapter 2—Hide!

  1. Why was Deborah left the job of milking the cows?
  2. Why is Hezekiah restless?
  3. When is Deborah first aware that someone is in the barn?
  4. Why does Deborah decide to help Dan?

Vocabulary: hordes, pikes, spitting, lowing, captor, disarray, sullen, receded, quailed, tersely.

Enrichment: Dan and Matthew both believed that the rebellion was justified. Can violent means ever be justified to resolve a problem of any kind? Why or why not?


Chapter 3—Deceit

  1. Why does Deborah feel guilty about hiding Dan?
  2. Why is their dog, Rufus, chained?
  3. How did Deborah and her mother learn that the rebellion was actually over?
  4. Explain the expression, "Deborah and her mother were dead shots".
  5. Why does Deborah cross her finger when speaking to her mother?
  6. What was Dan's explanation for joining the rebels?
  7. What is a tollgate?
  8. After listening to Dan's description, where does Deborah believe the boat is hidden?
  9. Why was Deborah offended when Dan was reluctant to reveal the location of the boat?

Vocabulary: deceit, conjured, penitently, perfidy, consternation, limbo, flinched, smote, dispossessed, rabble-rouser, skirmish, cached, shambles.

Enrichment: Write a short biography on William Lyon Mackenzie. Include your own commentary on what you think of him and his accomplishments.


Chapter 4—Discovered

  1. Why did Deborah have mixed feelings about the return of her father and brother?
  2. Why were there no "regulars" in Toronto when Thaddeus and Nat arrived?
  3. Why was Thaddeus so disgusted with the townsfolk in Toronto?
  4. Why did the militia pin red ribbons on their shoulders?
  5. Give Thaddeus' opinion of Sir Francis Bond Head when the order is given to burn suspected rebel homes?
  6. What does Deborah's father say that causes her to drop the potholder into the fire?
  7. What happens to people aiding the rebels?
  8. Why does Deborah's father refuse to betray Dan's presence to Silas Hawkes? (page 47)

Vocabulary: manacled, kneaded, atone, voraciously, mutton, dottle, implored, gibbet, implacable, acrid, impulsive.

 Enrichment: Research one of the following:

  1. Yonge Street
  2. Sir Francis Bond Head
  3. General Sir Isaac Brock


Chapter 5—Dilemma

  1. Why was Dan placed in the cubbyhole?
  2. What did the family do before they placed him there?
  3. How does Deborah defend her actions?
  4. How does the author make use of Rufus in this chapter?

Vocabulary: ashen, abrasions, poultice, swabbing.

Enrichment: What would you have done in Deborah's place? Why?


Chapter 6—Accused

  1. Who arrived at the Wallbridge home that evening?
  2. Why did Mrs. Wallbridge heat up the poker?
  3. Who is Alex Hamilton?
  4. How does the author create suspense in this chapter?
  5. Why do you think the sheriff is needed at Queenston?

Vocabulary: fracas, pompous, mulled, blatherskite, unctuous, mottled, groggily, babble.

Enrichment: Write a short biography on Barbara Greenwood.


Chapter 7—Interlude
  1. What is Deborah doing as she talks to Dan?
  2. How had Deborah planned on covering Dan's tracks in the snow?
  3. Why was it unnecessary?
  4. Why did Deborah almost cry when Dan said he "must get away"?
  5. Who does she see stealing out of the woods?

Vocabulary: broth, sinewy, deft, commotion, sceptically, chided, apprentice, republic, shabby, skulking.

Enrichment: Locate information on spinning wheels and describe how they would have been used in the farming homes of the day.


Chapter 8—Visitors

  1. Add the following locations to the map of Southern Ontario (Chapter One): Hamilton, Navy Island, Chippewa and St. David's.
  2. Who arrives unexpectedly at the Wallbridge home?
  3. What is the reason for their visit?
  4. Why does Deborah hesitate when her friend asks to stay?
  5. Why does Mary Wallbridge feel that Silas Hawkes is a "wicked, wicked" man? (page 97)
  6. Why was Silas so anxious to seek revenge against Thaddeus?

Vocabulary: discarded, taciturn, kindling, avenging, amiable, repelling, hauteur, levied, fenceviewer, officious, tamping.

Enrichment: Locate information on the pioneer kitchen including the brick oven described in this chapter.


Chapter 9—Decisions

  1. What does Thaddeus wonder about when he learns that the boat is located on Ezekiel's land?
  2. What does Dan reveal about his brother Matthew that explains the mystery?
  3. Give Nat's account of the boat's location.
  4. How does Deborah try to convince her father that Dan should stay?
  5. What is her father's response?

Vocabulary: consent, flush, contemptuous, oblivious, conspicuous, pertly, recalcitrant, pinfeather, invalid, impounded, intrepid.

Enrichment: Although you may not have access to a butter churn, find out how butter is made and then make some yourself with a friend. (Hint: Buy some whipping cream and use an empty jar)

Locate the story of Deborah in the bible to which Mary Wallbridge refers.


Chapter 10—Stalked

  1. What does the author mean by a "meaningful look directed at her father"?
  2. What horrible deed had Jed Hawkes committed against Tom Hinks?
  3. Explain the phrase "If I had the second sight like my Highland granny".
  4. Why does Deborah ending up walking home by herself?
  5. Why does Deborah think that she is being stalked?

Vocabulary: turmoil, admonished, tavern, pettishly, jauntily.

Enrichment: Locate information on the pioneer blacksmith. Describe his job in the community. Compare him with the modern blacksmith.


Chapter 11—Showdown

  1. Describe the incident with Jed Hawkes and his friends that evening?
  2. How does Deborah prevent them from entering the house?
  3. Why is the Wallbridge family so anxious to plan Dan's escape?

Vocabulary: priming, shoots, frenzied, forage, cower, apprehensively, cronies,

Enrichment: Locate some information on Fort George. Mark its location on your map of Southern Ontario.


Chapter 12—Flight

  1. Why is Deborah dressed in Nat's trousers?
  2. Describe the emerging relationship between Dan and Deborah.
  3. How does Barbara Greenwood create suspense at the end of this chapter?

Vocabulary: chided, bemused, disoriented, welter, verge.

Enrichment: Research the clothing of this period answering such questions as:


Chapter 13—Explanations

  1. Find Lewiston and Buffalo in an atlas.
  2. How did Matthew know about the Wallbridges?
  3. Where has Matthew been living?
  4. Why had Matthew gone to look for the boat?
  5. Why did farm families seldom miss church during the winter months?
  6. What good news does Ezekiel bring to Deborah?

Vocabulary: assailant, flint, retort, base, daft, sauntering,

Enrichment: What was the Family Compact? Why were many of the citizens of Upper Canada Canada displeased with the actions of the Family Compact?


Chapter 14—Standoff

  1. Why have Jed and Silas Hawkes arrived at the Wallbridge home?
  2. What proof do they give that Thaddeus and his family have been harbouring a rebel?
  3. What do the dogs uncover?
  4. What does Tom Jameson threaten to do to Silas Hawkes the next time he lies?
  5. Why is Silas Hawkes so disturbed by the piece of paper that Ezekiel has in his possession?
  6. How does Jed save his father?

Vocabulary: furrowed, malevolent, gloated, defamation, collusion, ferret, breeches, consignment, malice.

Enrichment: When Deborah claims that Silas Hawkes and Jed shouldn't be allowed to get away with their misdeeds, her father counters that they too have been guilty of misdeeds. Why does Deborah believe that this is not quite accurate? What is your opinion?


Chapter 15—1843:The Wanderer Returns

  1. Describe the setting at the beginning of this chapter.
  2. What has happened to William Lyon Mackenzie?
  3. Why is Dan allowed to return to Canada?
  4. Why is Dan feeling so nervous about his return to Upper Canada?

Vocabulary: satchel, amnesty, malicious, exile, guffawed.

Enrichment: Write an imaginary dialogue between Dan and Deborah as they return to the Wallbridge farmstead.

Research the origin of some Canadian place names.

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Copyright 1997

Created by Brian Thornton, Capo Creations, Box 1411, Haileybury, Ontario, CANADA. POJ 1KO

Not to be used or copied in any manner without specific written consent of the publisher All Rights Reserved