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  1. Banner in the Sky
  2. The Curse of the Viking Grave
  3. The Legend of Tarik
  4. Moonfleet
  5. Old Yeller
  6. Two Against the North
  7. Glengarry School Days
  8. Incredible Jumbo
  9. A Question of Loyalty
  10. Shane
  11. My Teacher Glows in the Dark
  12. Anne of Green Gables
  13. Sarah, Plain and Tall
  14. Where the Red Fern Grows
  15. Underground to Canada
  16. The Call of the Wild
  17. Cue For Treason
  18. The Westing Game
  19. Bridge to Terabithia
  20. Silverwing
  21. The Door in the Wall
  22. Blood Red Ochre
  23. Never Cry Wolf
  24. Stuart Little
  25. The Secret of the Silver Mines
  26. The Whipping Boy
  27. My Teacher is an Alien
  28. Tuck Everlasting
  29. The Light in the Forest
  30. My Name is Paula Popowich!
  31. The Incredible Journey
  32. The Enchanted Island (Shakespeare in Everyday English-- 11 plays)
  33. The Bully Boys  (War of 1812)
  34. The Black Cauldron
  35. Julie of the Wolves
  36. Red Cap (The American Civil War)
  37. Holes
  38. The Hobbit
  39. Catherine Called Birdy (Medieval Times in England)
  40. Looking for X
  41. Rumble Fish
  42. Hatchet
  43. Ricky  
  44. The Outsiders "Coming Soon"


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