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Old Yeller

Test-50 Questions

Part I--Multiple Choice (25 Questions)

1. _____ The house was built on (a) Mill Creek (b) The Red River (c) Homer Creek (d) Birdsong Creek

2. _____ The setting of the story is (a) Kansas (b) Oklahoma (c) Texas (d) Nebraska

3. _____ Little Arliss was about (a) 2 years old (b) 5 years old (c) 10 years old (d) 13 years old.

4. _____ The mule's name was (a) Jumper (b) Spot (c) Jennifer (d) Romper

5. _____ The time of the story is about (a) 1800 (b) 1868 (c) 1830 (d) 1890

6. _____ As soon as his father leaves, Travis has to correct Little Arliss for (a) breaking down on of the fences (b) playing in the drinking water (c) being careless with the eggs (d) spilling the milk which had to be hauled up to the house by hand

7. _____ When the mule tried to stop plowing too early, Travis (a) had to take the mule home because the plow hitch was tangled (b) got Old Yeller to scare the mule back into line (c) cut a switch and kept swatting the mule on the rump (d) took a wooden club and whacked the mule across the jawbone.

8. _____ When Travis went out to shoot a doe, he (a) returned without one because he had been day-dreaming and accidentally scared the only one he saw (b) was able to shoot only a lone sick deer (c) shot some rabbits instead since he could not find a doe (d) shot a deer when it was running

9. _____ One reason why Travis wants to get rid of Old Yeller is (a) he is afraid there won't be enough food to last the family through the winter if they have to feed the dog also (b) the dog often steals food (c) the dog keeps bellowing all night and allows little time for sleep (d) the dog is inclined to nip people and animals

10. _____ The victorious bull ran away when (a) it was bitten by Old Yeller (b) Travis shot over the bull's head (c) he scraped his tongue on the spinning cart wheel (d) his wounds began to bleed

11. _____ The man who used to go from house to house getting free meals and was too lazy to go on the cattle drive was (a) Bud Searcy (b) Burn Sanderson (c) Jed Simpson (d) Bert Wilbur

12. _____ Miss Prissy is (a) Lisbeth's dog (b) the school teacher (c) the woman who first complains that Old Yeller has hydrophobia (d) the nickname the settlers have for Jed Simpson

13. _____ Travis marked the pigs (a) on the shoulder (b) on the rump (c) on the ears (d) on the rear leg

14. _____ Travis caught the pigs by (a) putting some cactus-drug in their enclosure (b) trapping them in a narrow pen (c) throwing a heavy blanket over them (d) roping them from a tree

15. _____ Travis' attitude toward fear was that (a) fear is something childish that a real man never even feels (b) whistling or humming will make one forget fear (c) you can train your mind to handle fear (d) fear is something that might as well be felt as it gives a pleasurable tingle as long as one is not really afraid

16. _____ Travis remembered how many pigs he marked by (a) putting a notch in a twig he carried for this purpose (b) saving a piece of rope with which each pig was tied (c) saving a piece of material cut from each pig (d) tying a knot in a piece of rawhide for each pig that was marked.

17. _____ When Travis went out to brand the last group of pigs, he (a) made Old Yeller stay at the house (b) tripped on a rake at the barn and cut his leg badly (c) dropped in to visit Lisbeth for awhile (d) was hoping to see some bats come out of a cave

18. _____ The animals mixed in with the sows to help protect them from wild animals were called (a) bar' hogs (b) crest pigs (c) boars (d) rovers

19. _____ When Travis and his mother neared the spot where the wounded Old Yeller lay, they were disturbed by (a) the excessive heat (b) seeing buzzards circling in the sky (c) wolf yelps (d) an onrush of flying insects

20. _____ To sew stitches in Old Yeller's belly Travis' Mama used for thread (a) a cowhide string (b) cactus shred (c) a hair from the mule's tail (d) a lizard tail

21. _____ When Travis was sick, his mother was helped in doing the chores by (a) Miss Prissy (b) Lisbeth (c) Susan Downes (d) Bud Searcy

22. _____ When Travis was sick Lisbeth brought him (a) some candy (b) a puppy (c) some warm milk each day (d) a mail-order catalogue

23. _____ One sign that one of the cows had hydrophobia was that she (a) bit Old Yeller (b) would eat carrot tops (c) would not give milk to her calf (d) lost all her teeth

24. _____ To get rid of the carcasses of the animals shot because they had hydrophobia the bodies were (a) burned (b) dragged away by the mule (c) buried (d) thrown over the cliff

25. _____ Mama was afraid Old Yeller might have caught hydrophobia from a (a) bear (b) bull (c) hog (d) wolf

Part II--True or False (25 questions)

26. _____ The men were worried about leaving because numerous bands of Indians still roamed daily throughout the territory.

27. _____ The corn was grown to use in making bread.

28. _____ When Travis' father was leaving, Travis asked that a dog be brought back for him.

29. _____ Travis had a little sister who had died before the time during which the story takes place.

30. _____ The "dog run" was an open roofed-over space between the two rooms of the log cabin.

31. _____ When Old Yeller first arrived, he was missing one ear.

32. _____Travis never again saw either of the two bulls who fought in front of the cabin.

33. _____ Travis and his mother both agreed that the "chongo" bull should win the bull fight.

34. _____ Old Yeller finally chased the two fighting bulls away from the house, where Travis was afraid they might do damage.

35. _____ The bear attacked Little Arliss because Arliss had captured a bear cub.

36. _____ Old Yeller killed the bear that had attacked Little Arliss.

37. _____ Travis and Little Arliss had Old Yeller sleep in the same room with them because otherwise the wolves might harm them.

38. _____ Old Yeller would not kill skunks.

39. _____ Old Yeller's owner eventually came to claim the dog.

40. _____ Hogs ran loose on the range like cattle.

41. _____ Old Yeller was unconscious when Travis left him for home after the fight with the hogs.

42. _____ Travis pulled a dead mesquite tree over Old Yeller when he left the wounded dog because he thought the tree would shade Old Yeller from the very hot sun.

43. _____Travis and his mother took Little Arliss with them when they went to bring back the wounded Old Yeller.

44. _____ Old Yeller was carried home by being tied to the saddle of the mule.

45. _____ Travis' leg never did, as predicted, swell up from the hog injury, although the leg did cause him pain.

46. _____ When Travis was sick, the cows did not get milked daily.

47. _____ Old Yeller was finally shot by Travis.

48. _____ The hydrophobia plague ended when a fire wiped out the diseased animals.

49. _____ Travis' father could not be made to understand why Travis felt so troubled by the death of Old Yeller.

50. _____ Travis' father had been successful in his attempt to sell the cattle.

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