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Anne of Green Gables

Student Study Guide

Lucy Maude Montgomery

ISBN- 0-590-42243-X

All answers must be in sentence form.

*Note—Any page numbers quoted are from the Scholastic paperback version 1989

Chapter 1— Mrs. Rachel Lynde Is Surprised

  1. Who is telling the story?
  2. How does L.M. Montgomery compare use a stream to describe Rachel Lynde's character?
  3. Briefly describe Matthew's character?
  4. Why is Rachel so interested in Matthew's behaviour?
  5. What caused Rachel to be stricken dumb for five seconds? (page 6)
  6. How does Rachel feel about Marilla's decision?

Vocabulary: traversed, ferreted, decorum, gauntlet, innovation, qualms, uncanny, profound.

Enrichment: Give evidence of Marilla's very blatant racism in the first chapter. Today we would consider these comments repulsive. Would Marilla's behaviour have been more acceptable in the time period that this novel was written? Have you ever experienced any form of racism? How did you deal with it?


Chapter 2—Matthew Cuthbert Is Surprised

  1. Why is Matthew surprised?
  2. Give evidence that Anne is a very imaginative young girl?
  3. Find Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in an atlas.
  4. Why does Anne insist that she "can never be perfectly happy"? (page 20)
  5. Why is Matthew not very anxious to return home?

Vocabulary: sorrel mare, sundry, elusive, ruminated, rapture, revelation.

Enrichment: L.M. Montgomery, the author, loved nature. How is this evident in Anne of Green Gables?


Chapter 3—Marilla Cuthbert is Surprised

  1. Why does Anne burst into tears upon entering the Cuthbert home?
  2. Why do you think Matthew might be anxious to keep Anne?
  3. How do you feel at this point? Would you want to keep Anne or send her back?

Vocabulary: dialogue, animation, deprecatingly, mellowed, reconcile, asylum, perturbation, predilection.

Enrichment: Write a brief biography on Lucy Maude Montgomery.


Chapter 4—Morning at Green Gables

  1. What "horrible remembrance" did Anne have when she awoke?
  2. What does Marilla mean by the phrase "What's to be done with a man who just looks"?  (page 43)
  3. Why is Marilla planning to go to White Sands?

Vocabulary: fragrance, lush, pervading, persistency, reproachfully, martyr, relinquishing, relapsed, reverie,

Enrichment: Find some sites on the internet with information about Prince Edward Island.


Chapter 5—Anne's History

  1. Briefly describe Anne's parents.
  2. What do you think it would have been like living with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas? Why?
  3. Why is Anne afraid of arriving at the Spencer home?

Vocabulary: heroine, inculcate, moral, scrawny, scarlet, poverty, neglect.

Enrichment: Give a brief description of Marilla's character.


Chapter 6—Marilla Makes Up Her Mind

  1. How does Mrs. Spencer respond to Marilla's suggestion that they send back Anne?
  2. Why would Anne not be too responsive about going with Mrs. Blewett?
  3. Why was Matthew's face a "glow of delight" at the end of the chapter?

Vocabulary: mingled, benevolent, corroborated, pert, providential, superfluous, ottoman, stipulations, mute, dread, gimlet.

Enrichment: Locate information on the Anne of Green Gables home in Prince Edward Island.


Chapter 7—Anne Says Her Prayers

  1. Why did Marilla feel embarrassed about teaching Anne the childish classic, "Now I lay me down to sleep"?
  2. What was humorous about Anne's first attempt at praying?
  3. Why does Marilla think that Anne is next to a perfect heathen?

Vocabulary: harrowed, admonished, infinite, catechism, irreverence, manse.

Enrichment: Give some reasons why Matthew and Marilla might be so anxious to adopt Anne.


Chapter 8—Anne's Bringing-Up Is Begun

  1. What is Marilla's response when Anne wants to address her as "Aunt Marilla"?
  2. What is a kindred spirit?
  3. Who is Diana Barry?

Vocabulary: obedient, dilated, imploring, deferring, fortnight, discourse,

Enrichment: What evidence is there that Marilla has never raised any children of her own?


Chapter 9—Mrs. Rachel Lynde Is Properly Horrified

  1. What evidence is there that Anne appreciates nature?
  2. What does Mrs. Lynde say that infuriates Anne?
  3. Why does Marilla feel a desire to laugh at the end of this chapter?

Vocabulary: grippe, homely, intoxicated, indignant, evasive, reprehensible.

Enrichment: Interview your parents and grandparents to find out how the discipline of their generation was different from that of today.


Chapter 10—Anne's Apology

  1. Why is Marilla surprised at Matthew's response to the incident with Mrs. Rachel Lynde?
  2. How does Matthew convince Anne to apologize?
  3. Describe how Anne tricks Mrs. Lynde with her "apology"?

Vocabulary: refractory, consolatory, obdurate, plaintive, auburn,

Enrichment: Choose one of the central characters and explain why they are essential to the story.


Chapter 11—Anne's Impressions of Sunday School

  1. Why is Anne so unhappy with the dresses that Marilla has selected?
  2. What was Anne's reaction to her first experience at Sunday school?
  3. Why was Marilla reluctant to criticize Anne for her comments about the minister's sermons?

Vocabulary: pew, rebuke, recite, sermon.

Enrichment: Research the fashions that women would wear during this time? An old Eaton's catalogue would be useful.


Chapter 12—A Solemn Vow and a Promise

  1. How did Marilla react to the news of the flower-wreathed hat?
  2. Describe Diana Barry.
  3. How do we know that Marilla is beginning to soften up to wards Anne?

Vocabulary: caper, dubious, vexed, cordially, poring, dryad, stingy.

Enrichment: Write a short description of someone in your life that you consider a kindred spirit.


Chapter 13—The Delights of Anticipation

  1. Why is Anne so excited?
  2. Why is Anne's kiss on the cheek so different from any other that Marilla has ever received?
  3. Why did Anne cry when she saw her first real diamond?

Vocabulary: infatuated, staccato, faltered, amethyst, sallow, brusquely, bequeathed, smitten.

 Enrichment: Find out how to make your very own ice-cream. Do it!  Have the students learn the song "Ice-Cream" from the Anne of Green Gables production.

Chapter 14—Anne's Confession

  1. What are you doing when you are shelling peas?
  2. What does Anne admit to doing when asked by Marilla about the amethyst brooch?
  3. What does Marilla tell Matthew that she thinks has happened to her brooch?
  4. Why does Anne make a false confession?
  5. What actually happened to the brooch?

Vocabulary: meddle, rigmarole, defiance, steadfast, primly.

Enrichment: Have you ever made a false confession? What did you hope to gain by doing it?


Chapter 15—A Tempest in the School Teapot

  1. What does the expression, "a tempest in a teapot" mean?
  2. Describe the Avonlea school.
  3. How did the young students keep their bottles of milk cool?
  4. Explain the expression, "the master is dead gone on her"?
  5. Describe the scene when Gilbert teased Anne about her red hair.
  6. Why was Matthew surprised to hear Marilla laughing?

Vocabulary: tempest, rustic, pooled, hieroglyphics, malicious, spasmodic, patriarchal

Enrichment: Describe how Marilla has changed since the beginning of our story?


Chapter 16—Diana is Invited to Tea with Tragic Results

  1. Why did Diana knock primly at the front door when visiting Anne?
  2. Why did Diana have to go home early?
  3. How was Marilla able to explain the mixup?
  4. Why was Anne so disheartened at the end of the chapter?

Vocabulary: aesthetic, addlepated, lingered, obstinate, rebuke.

Enrichment: Describe how pioneers in this time period would have made alcoholic beverages?


Chapter 17—A New Interest in Life

  1. What did Anne ask Diana to give her as a keepsake of their friendship?
  2. What was "testament reading"?
  3. Why did Anne drop the "strawberry apple"?
  4. Why was Anne so mortified when she tied with Gilbert on one of their assignments?
  5. Discuss the origin of the expression, "In geometry Anne met her Waterloo".

Vocabulary: trice, dejected, staunchly, relented, pathetic, muse, dolefully, effusion, perusal, ostentatiously.

 Enrichment: If you were a parent would you ever forbid your children from having certain friends? Why or why not?


Chapter 18—Anne to the Rescue

  1. Who was the Canadian premier visiting Charlottetown?
  2. Why did Diana come to Anne's home all in a panic?
  3. Is the comment about the "French girl" racist in nature? Why or why not?
  4. According to Marilla, why did Mrs. Rachel Lynde have no use for the premier?
  5. Why is Mrs. Barry willing to forgive Anne for her past transgressions?

Vocabulary: intoxicate, sundry, wistful, courting, hasten, ipecac, croup.

 Enrichment: Research medical practices of the day? How were doctors different? What training did they have? How much did they charge for their services? Was there medical insurance available?  Were there any hospitals?


Chapter 19—A Concert, A Catastrophe, And A Confession

  1. How do Diana and Anne signal one another?
  2. Why does Marilla finally relent and allow Anne to go to Diana's house and the Debating Club concert at the hall?
  3. Why does Anne get sand to clean?
  4. Describe Anne's first encounter with Aunt Josephine.
  5. According to Miss Barry (Aunt Josephine) why was she unpacking her valise?

Vocabulary: traipsing, curfew, retorted, amiable, dire, jaunty, discreet, implored

Enrichment: Research L.M. Montgomery's life in Leaksdale, Ontario. (Hint: They have a museum dedicated to L.M. Montgomery there)


Chapter 20—A Good Imagination Gone Wrong

  1. Why did Mr. Phillips give some Mayflowers to Prissy Andrews?
  2. What special anniversary occurs in this chapter?
  3. How does Anne try to convince Marilla that ghosts do exist?

Vocabulary: capricious, resurrection, lurked, reverie, limpid

Enrichment: Research ghosts. Are people in certain countries more likely to believe in ghosts? Do you believe in them? Why or why not?


Chapter 21—A New Departure in Flavourings

  1. Why is Marilla surprised that Anne needed two handkerchiefs?
  2. Why is Anne so fond of Mrs. Allan?
  3. Describe the incident when Mrs. Allan tastes Anne's cake.
  4. According to Marilla who is to blame for this?

Vocabulary: plaintively, sarcastic, orator, pew, liniment

Enrichment: Write a farewell speech that Mr. Phillips might have delivered to his class.


Chapter 22—Anne is Invited out to Tea

  1. Why does Anne arrive home so excited?
  2. What rules of etiquette has Anne been studying?
  3. Describe what Mrs. Allan was wearing when she greeted Anne at the door?
  4. What kind of new teacher did they have in Avonlea that Mrs. Lynde felt was a dangerous innovation?

Vocabulary: manse, etiquette, seraph, fortnight, innovation

Enrichment: What might be the differences in etiquette between then and now? Ask your parents if rules of etiquette were different for them and then ask your grandparents? Research etiquette in other cultures? Make up some of your own rules of etiquette and share them with your classmates.


Chapter 23—Anne Comes to Grief in an Affair of Honour

  1. What did Diana Barry decide to do a week after having tea at the manse?
  2. For what did Ruby Gillis have a mortal dread?
  3. Who dared Anne to walk the ridgepole?
  4. What sudden revelation did Marilla have when she saw Mr. Barry carrying Anne into the yard?
  5. According to Marilla what had not been injured by Anne's fall off the roof?

Vocabulary: reverie, enticing, perch, ridgepole, entreated, revelation

Enrichment: Pretend you are holding a party for your friends.    What kind of activities would you plan?    Would you plan a party differently if it was all girls or all boys?   Why?


Chapter 24—Miss Stacy and Her Pupils Get Up a Concert

  1. What does Anne feel instinctively when Miss Stacy pronounces her name?
  2. Why did the boys climb to the top of the big trees?
  3. Why did Marilla think that Anne was vain?
  4. Why was Anne happy to talk to Matthew about the concert?

Vocabulary: mellow, amethyst, recite, promote, undertaking, patriotism

Enrichment:   Pretend you are Anne and write two or three entries in your diary describing how you feel about the upcoming concert.


Chapter 25—Matthew Insists on Puffed Sleeves

  1. What is a bootjack?
  2. What did Matthew notice about Anne that was different from her mates?
  3. Why did Matthew end up buying a garden rake in the middle of December?
  4. Why is Mrs. Lynde pleased when Matthew asks her to pick out a fashionable dress with puffed sleeves for Anne?
  5. What happens at the concert that suggests Gilbert Blythe cares deeply for Anne?

Vocabulary:   bashfully, scornfully, cluster, inscrutable, ordeal, ingratiatingly, deprecatory, loftily

Enrichment:  Memorize a poem and recite it to your friends.   


Chapter 26—The Story Club Is Formed

  1. What is Anne's "besetting sin"?
  2. According to Diana, why will Anne find it easy to write her composition?
  3. Why did Anne suggest that she and Diana form a story club?
  4. What is meant by a nom de plume?
  5. According to Mr. Allan, what is the important or great thing to remember when writing a story?

Vocabulary: trifling, amid, uncharitable, treads, virtuously, regal, turbulent

Enrichment: Write about something mischievous or naughty that you have done in your life.   Explain why you did it and how you might handle your own children some day if they were to do the same type of thing.


Chapter 27—Vanity and Vexation of Spirit

  1. Why was Marilla disappointed and irritated when she returned home from her meeting?
  2. Where did Marilla find Anne?
  3. Explain why Anne was in her bedroom.
  4. What is meant by the sentence, "Anne promptly turned her glass to the wall."
  5. How did Marilla attempt to solve Anne's "bad hair day".

Vocabulary: primal, briskly, kindling, riled, cowered, trice, veracity, impeached

Enrichment: Research the use of dyes for clothing in pioneer days.  Where did they get their dyes and how effective were they?  Experiment yourself but use only small pieces of white cloth.  Make sure you are properly dressed for this activity.


Chapter 28—An Unfortunate Lily Maid

  1. Whose idea was it to dramatize the poem Elaine
  2. Why did Anne caution Ruby not to talk about Mrs. Lynde?
  3. In what unfortunate dilemma did Anne suddenly find herself as she drifted in the flat (barge)?
  4. Why is Anne so angry and upset when she is finally rescued?
  5. Anne tells Marilla that she has learned much from her mistakes.  What does she claim to have learned from this incident?

Vocabulary: conceded, auburn, ruthlessly, parsed, yielding, flowery, indulged

Enrichment: Locate a copy of Tennyson's Elaine on the internet and read it.


Chapter 29—An Epoch in Anne's Life

  1. What news does Diana have for Anne?
  2. How far away was Charlottetown and estimate how long you think the trip would take in those days?
  3. Why did Anne refuse to bet with Diana on the horse races?
  4. Why did Miss Barry give Anne and Diana ten cents each?

Vocabulary: epoch,placidly, ecstasy, divined, abashed, abomination

Enrichment: Pretend you are a fortune teller.   Dress the part and tell your classmate's fortunes.   Why do you think people enjoy having their fortunes told even when they don't believe in it?


Chapter 30—The Queen's Class Is Organized

  1. Why does Anne think Miss Stacy had paid a visit to Green Gables?
  2. What was the real reason for Miss Stacy's visit?
  3. What incident is Anne referring to when she states that she has, "tasted the bitterness of death"?
  4. Why was there open rivalry between Gilbert and Anne?
  5. Why had Marilla not been at the Aid meeting on Thursday?

Vocabulary: enthralling, indulgent, appalling, contritely, shroud, tantrum

Enrichment: Find out about teacher training in your area.  What kind of qualifications would be required for elementary teachers in the late 1800's?   Locate information referring specifically to teacher education in Prince Edward Island both past and present.


Chapter 31—Where the Brook and River Meet

  1. Why does Marilla allow Anne so much freedom during her summer vacation?
  2. What "good friends" does Anne retrieve from the attic at the end of the summer?
  3. Why is Marilla crying?
  4. What is Anne's stumbling-block?

Vocabulary: consumption, zest, theology, shirks, flounce, trustees, consternation, elope

Enrichment: Research diseases of the 1800's and discuss past and present methods of treating the various diseases and ailments.  Would there be any advantages medically to living in the 1800's?


Chapter 32—The Pass List is Out

  1. Why were the handkerchiefs so damp?
  2. Why was Ruby in hysterics when Anne reached the boarding house?
  3. Why did Anne want so desperately to finish well up the list?
  4. How many names appeared on the pass list and whose name was at the top?

Vocabulary: frequent, fluttery, headway, composed, recite, surpass, conjugations, lagging

Enrichment: Describe a time when you were in some form of competition.   How did you prepare to receive the results--good or bad?  For example, you may have been awaiting news to see if you made the cut for the basketball team or whether or not you were successful in your audition to sing in the school choir.


Chapter 33—The Hotel Concert

  1. Describe how the east gable had changed over the past four years.
  2. What was the purpose of holding the concert?
  3. Who arrived at Green Gables to take Anne to the concert?
  4. What is meant by the expressions "country bumpkins" and "rustic belles"?
  5. Why is Anne convinced that she and her friends are rich?

Vocabulary: pallid, burnished, conniving, lamented, encore, scoffed, amateur, ballad, languidly, elocutionist

Enrichment: Research Charlottetown past and present and make a presentation to your class dressed in period costume.


Chapter 34—A Queen's Girl

  1. What does Matthew mean by Mrs. Spencer's lucky mistake?
  2. Why does Anne decide not to board with Miss Josephine Barry?
  3. Explain how Josie Pye insults Anne during her brief visit.
  4. What does Anne resolve to do at the end of the chapter.

Vocabulary: ample, agitatedly, providence, subside, pinnacle, aspiration

Enrichment: In a small group discuss how to deal with difficult personalities like Josie Pye.  Write out some strategies and then try employing these strategies with difficult personalities that you know.   (Cautionary Note: Don't talk about your classmates or people might start comparing you to Josie Pye)


Chapter 35—The Winter at Queen's

  1. What do the Avonlea students do every Friday night if the weather cooperates?
  2. What happened after the Christmas holidays?
  3. Who were the three medal contenders according to the other students.
  4. What is meant by commencement?

Vocabulary: comrades, wistful, latter, abated, looming, strife, immortal

Enrichment: Examine the history of railroads?   What does gauge mean?   Why was there not a standard gauge in North America in the 1800's?  Are there any advantages to a narrow gauge?  Pay a visit to a model railroad club and make a report to your class.   (This can be an incredibly worthwhile experience)


Chapter 36—The Glory and the Dream

  1. Why did Anne tell Jane that she would go straight to the girls' dressing room?
  2. What caused Anne to feel a sickening pang of defeat?
  3. What spectacular news did Anne receive?
  4. Why does Marilla plan on seeing the doctor in June?
  5. Explain the significance of the last sentence in the chapter.

Vocabulary: solemnly, pang, parasol, reproachfully, coeducational, oculist, nominal

Enrichment: Research how and why eye operations are performed?   Who invented eye glasses?  How are today's glasses different from those in Marilla's time?


Chapter 37—The Reaper Whose Name is Death

  1. What happens to Matthew and why does it happen?
  2. How do we know that Matthew and the Cuthbert family were well-respected in Avonlea?
  3. Why does Anne say to Marilla, "Oh,  just let me cry"?
  4. What story does Marilla reveal to Anne about Gilbert Blythe's father?

Vocabulary: drawn, threshold, pallid, thronged, placid, anguished, vigil, tilled, convolutions

Enrichment: Write an obituary column for Matthew Cuthbert.   Examine some of the obituary columns in both your local and national newspapers.


Chapter 38—The Bend in the Road

  1. What did the doctor tell Marilla about her eyes?
  2. Why had John Sadler from Carmody paid a visit to Marilla at Green Gables?
  3. What news does Anne tell Marilla about the scholarship.
  4. How old will Anne be when she starts her teaching career?
  5. What news does Mrs. Lynde bring to Anne about Gilbert Blythe.
  6. Describe Gilbert and Anne's conversation at the end of the final chapter.

Vocabulary: prohibition, resolutely, sha'n't, substantial, courteously, congenial

Enrichment: This is a wonderful site for checking out information on the Anne of Green Gables characters and places.

Copyright 1997

Created by Brian Thornton, Capo Creations, Box 1411, Haileybury, Ontario, CANADA. POJ 1KO

Not to be used or copied in any manner without specific written consent of the publisher All Rights Reserved

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