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Stuart Little

Student Study Guide

E.B. White

All answers must be in sentence form.

Chapter One-- In the Drain

  1. Describe the appearance of Mrs. Little's second son.
  2. What building materials were used to construct Stuart's bed?
  3. What could Stuart Little do from the moment he was born?
  4. What did Mrs. Little use to weigh her son?
  5. Explain the significance of the title of this chapter.

Vocabulary: manner, shinny, preferred, solemnly, inquired, trifle, annoyed, slimy

Enrichment: Do some research on the author, E.B. White, and present your findings to the class.

Design a title page for your guide making sure you illustrate it.

Design a bookmark and illustrate it.


Chapter Two-- Home Problems

  1. How was Stuart Little helpful when it came to ping pong?
  2. Explain Stuart's role inside the grand piano.
  3. Why did the Little's tear one of the rhymes from the nursery songbook?
  4. Explain the changes the Littles made to the poem, "'Twas the night before Christmas".
  5. What thing worried Mr. Little the most?

Vocabulary: radiators, perspiration, session, emerge, references, belittling, louse, grouse, souse, pantry, venture

Enrichment: Bring in a nursery rhyme book and read some of your favourite nursery rhymes from the time when you were a young child.   Discuss why children might find them so appealing.  With a classmate make up your own modern or contemporary nursery rhyme.  What is a nursery?


Chapter Three-- Washing Up

  1. What exercise did Stuart do every morning?
  2. How did Stuart manage to turn on the bathroom light?
  3. What had Mrs. Little provided for Stuart so that he was able to wash his face and hands and brush his teeth every morning.
  4. What made the sharp plink, plink, plink sound that the members of the household would hear every morning while still dozing in their beds?

Vocabulary: pale, abdominal, friar, abbey, brace, awl, faucet

Enrichment: Research rodents and mice and make a presentation to your classmates.


Chapter Four-- Exercise

  1. Who was Snowbell?
  2. Explain how Stuart ended wrapped up inside the window shade?
  3. Why did Snowbell not inform the Little's about Stuart's plight?
  4. Why did Snowbell place Stuart's hat and cane by the entrance to the mousehole?

Vocabulary: custom, gleaming, trapeze, sill, acrobats, fond, shrill

Enrichment: Take a survey of your classmates and find out which type of animals make the best pets.  Make a graph to illustrate your findings.  You may wish to use a computer graphing program.  Discuss why graphs are useful.


Chapter Five-- Rescued

  1. How did George plan to rescue Stuart?
  2. What did Mr. Little insist that they do first?
  3. What did George intend to do with the applesauce?
  4. Why did the Bureau of Missing Persons hang up in disgust?
  5. What did George find in the cellar?
  6. Why did George insist on pulling down the shades?

Vocabulary: ice pick, vigorous, pry, wedged, bellowed, cramped, disgust, discarded, sorrow, exasperated, cope

Enrichment: Read Robert Burns "To a Mouse" which begins with Wee, small, cowering, timorous beastieHave someone read the poem aloud. Try to find a Scottish person to read it.  Explain what happens in this poem.


Chapter Six-- A Fair Breeze

  1. Describe what Stuart would do whenever he saw a dog through his spyglass?
  2. Why did Stuart grab hold of the cuff of a gentleman's pants?
  3. Where did Stuart get off the bus?
  4. Why did the owner of the Wasp detest the Lillian B. Womrath?
  5. How did the owner of the Wasp react when Stuart stated that he would defeat the sloop by cracking on more sail?

Vocabulary: spyglass, sauntered, trousers, fare, conductor, muttered, tartly, sloop, schooner, enormous, clipper, sober, crisply, diminutive, loyally, squall, squid, detestable, capsizing, disabled, yawing

Enrichment: Write a letter to Stuart.  Make sure to share your letter with your classmates.  Have a group of your students create a bulletin board displaying the letters.

Choose another title for the book.  Justify why your title is superior to the original one.


Chapter Seven-- The Sailboat Race

  1. Why were all the people pushing to get a better view of the pond?
  2. In what city can you find Central Park?
  3. How does LeRoy try to entice Stuart to steer his boat.
  4. What had travelled half way across America to get to Central Park?
  5. Describe the accident that occurred on shore shortly after the boats had set sail?
  6. Why was Stuart alarmed when he noticed that the barometer had fallen.
  7. What obstacle did Stuart spot that lay dead ahead?
  8. Which ship was the first to cross the finish line?
  9. Who was the owner of the Wasp and what did he do for a living?
  10. Why did the policeman refuse to shake hands with Stuart?

Vocabulary: sulky, serge, fragments, consternation, barometer, ominous, looming, halyards, vessel, helm

Enrichment: Invite someone into your class who makes model sailboats or ships and have them discuss their hobby.  

Write a poem about the story.  Make the poem into a song, using either your own musical instrument or prerecorded music.


Chapter Eight-- Margalo

  1. Why was Stuart so hard to find around the house?
  2. Where did Stuart find himself stuck for an hour?
  3. Why was Stuart confined to his bed for two weeks?
  4. Who was the new visitor in the Little home?
  5. What movie would Stuart have been watching to hear the lines, "Sleep dwell upon thine eyes, peace be in thy breast"?
  6. Why did Snowbell run off toward the kitchen squealing in pain?

Vocabulary: penetrated, stumbled, prunes, nip, broth, bronchitis

Enrichment: Host a party for the characters in your book.  Make sure that your classmates are willing to research and then assume the roles of the characters in the book.  Prepare invitations and food.  Turn it into a real party.  Don't forget a camera to record the event for posterity.


Chapter Nine-- A Narrow Escape

  1. Why did Margalo decide not to return to the open country?
  2. Describe Stuart's feelings about Margalo.
  3. Explain how Stuart ends up in a garbage can?
  4. Why did Stuart feel that the ride in the garbage scow (barge) would be his last?
  5. Who aids the little mouse in his narrow escape?
  6. How does Stuart lighten the load for Margalo?
  7. How does Mrs. Little show her appreciation to Margalo?

Vocabulary: fast, grove, hoisted, pier, scow, modestly, gingerly, gloomily, inquired, buoys

Enrichment: Make some puppets representing the various characters in the book and then script a scene and present it to your classmates.

Research how New York City presently gets rid of its garbage.  How does your community deal with its garbage?  Research disposal methods that could improve our environment.

Make a wanted poster for Margalo but first attempt to locate an authentic wanted poster.  Then with a small group of your classmates, discuss what design qualities are required for an attractive and effective poster.


Chapter Ten-- Springtime

  1. What are the two possible reasons that Snowbell preferred nighttime to daytime?
  2. Who were Snowbell's friends?
  3. Explain how Snowbell used the vine at the Little house.
  4. How was the Angora cat's plan foiled?
  5. How did Margalo react to the news?

Vocabulary: delicatessen, permanent, rustling, admit, offhand, risk, chops, obliged

Enrichment: Research both wild and domesticated cats.  Appoint one group of students to research wild cats while the other groups researches domestic cats.


Chapter Eleven-- The Automobile

  1. Why did the Littles spend three days hunting all over the house?
  2. Why was Stuart so upset when George suggested that Margalo may have had a husband somewhere?
  3. Why did Stuart decide to leave home?
  4. How did Stuart use the handkerchief?
  5. Why did Stuart take a strand of hair from Mrs. Little's comb?
  6. What did Dr. Carey tell Stuart that he needed for his journey?
  7. Explain what happened when Stuart pushed the special little button on the car's instrument panel.
  8. Explain the unfortunate event that occurred next?

Vocabulary: coop, irritably, heartbroken, strand, jauntily, slung, wads, gauze, pincers, fortune, miniature, fenders, extracting, hearth, punctured, homesick

Enrichment: Write a letter to your local librarian explaining why you think they should have "Stuart Little" as part of their permanent collection.

Give a book talk to your classmates or even another class explaining why you think they should read "Stuart Little".

Pretend you are a publisher designing a poster to promote your newest release, "Stuart Little".


Chapter Twelve-- The Schoolroom

  1. Why did Stuart start his trip early the next morning?
  2. Who was seated deep in thought by the side of the road and what was he worried about?
  3. How was Stuart able to help?
  4. According to Stuart, how would he maintain discipline?
  5. What explanation did Stuart give for Miss Gunderson's absence?
  6. Suggest some reasons why Stuart decided to ignore the regular subjects that day.
  7. How did the students react at the end of the school day?

Vocabulary: accessories, togs, scholars, briskly, stalked, nimbly, promptly, appropriately, glared, obediently, lapel, abomination, vice, temperament, nix, underprivileged,timidly

Enrichment: When Stuart was a substitute teacher he ignored all the normal subjects and had the students talk about rules.  Either explore rules as a small group or ask your teacher to organize a class discussion about making rules for the classroom, your community, your nation or the world.

How do you react when you have a substitute teacher?  How can you make their job easier?



Chapter Thirteen-- Ame's Crossing

  1. Describe the town where Stuart stops that afternoon.
  2. Why did Stuart stop in Ame's Crossing?
  3. Who does the storekeeper suggest that Stuart should meet?
  4. What indication is there that the Ameses have plenty of money?
  5. How did the town of Ame's Crossing get its name?
  6. Summarize the contents of Stuart's letter to Harriet.
  7. What did Stuart forget in all the excitement?

Vocabulary: sarsaparilla, ruinous, thistles, prominent, ancestors, will o' the wisp, lingered, stamen, tremble, stationery, correspondence, confidential, acquaintance, petty, offensive, tranquil, lashed, thwarts

Enrichment: Make a flow chart of all the important events that have occurred in the story.

Discuss what you have learned while reading this book.


Chapter Fourteen-- An Evening on the River

  1. How had Stuart been swindled?
  2. Why did Stuart climb the spruce tree?
  3. Why did Stuart carry the stones from the beach to the water's edge?
  4. Why did Stuart begin to think that the letter might not have been delivered?
  5. Why did Stuart have to keep changing his shirts?
  6. Explain what happened to the canoe.
  7. Giving examples, compare and contrast Harriet and Stuart's ability to deal with problems.

Vocabulary: stern, swindled, bailed, cranky, ballast, seams, morrow, episode, whippoorwill, errand, perspiration, fidgeting, sulk

Enrichment: Pretend you are a television or radio broadcaster.  Broadcast a short scene from the story as it is unfolding. Pretend you are operating a dating agency.  How would you describe Stuart if you had to include his profile in a classified ad.


Chapter Fifteen-- Heading North

  1. Where did Stuart sleep that night?
  2. What did the filling station man use to fill the car's gas tank?
  3. How did Stuart know that the man leaning against the signpost must be a repairman for the telephone company?
  4. Why did Stuart give his card to the repairman?

Vocabulary: attendant, bosom, vale, junipers, junctions, peered

Enrichment: Have a group of students all write different endings to the story.  Then read them to all the students and have them conduct a vote on which ending they enjoyed the most.  Don't forget to read the original ending.

Pretend a scene has been "lost" from the original book or that someone has recently discovered a chapter that E.B. White had originally intended to be part of the novel.  Rewrite the scene or the newly discovered chapter.

Write a letter from one character to another.  For example, write a letter from Stuart to Margalo.

Read another book by E.B. White such as Charlotte's Web.

Watch the video of "Stuart Little" and compare it to the book.


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Copyright 2000

Created by Brian Thornton, Capo Creations, Box 1411, Haileybury, Ontario, CANADA. POJ 1KO

Not to be used or copied in any manner without specific written consent of the publisher All Rights Reserved